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Maker Faire Weekend

The days of July 27 and 28 the team at mUVe 3D was attending the Detroit Maker Faire promoting our printer and checking out all the great sights. Maker Faire in an incredibly rich environment for learning and fun and we had a great time getting to see all the projects out there. We also talked to a lot of people about mUVe 1 and what our project is all about. All in all we had a great time, some bad weather, some bad food and some good, but an experience that none of us will soon forget. The event was held in Dearborn Michigan at the Henry Ford Museum and GreenField Village. It’s a place that is frozen in time and a testament to

DRV8825 Update

The first tests of the DRV8825 driver have gone pretty well. Some things that we have found: 1/32 microstepping is totally un-necessary an doesn’t work all that great. Too little current is available and problems arise easily. The DRV8825 is much more efficient than the A4988, and runs much cooler. 1/8 or 1/16 microstepping work wonderfully with the mUVe 1, we prefer 1/8 so far. Lots of acceleration and power available at 1/8. These make the mUVe 1 run quieter, especially if you turn the source voltage down. The POT on the PSU we supply can get it down to about 10V. So the take-away is that these drivers are going to be sticking around. They perform much better at 1/8 and 1/16 stepping rates

Zheng3 Continues

I’ve been trying to get through a massive backlog of prints that I promised at one point or another and I’ve made a little progress. Zheng3 recently released a group of 6 rats, as well as 1 rat he sent to me that the Replicator couldn’t print, and I managed to print them all without issue. It seems like the mUVe 1 really is a lot more flexible when it comes to complex prints when compared to FFF printing. I have one other part from Zheng3 that he couldn’t print as a single part on the Replicator, or any FFF printer without support for that matter. It’s a tiny pennon and it also printed quite nicely despite a near 90 degree overhang. Check out all

Upcoming Pre-Sale and Announcements

For those that are looking to get a kit we have great news! We are starting the first round of pre-sales on Sunday. There are going to be a limited number of kits available for the first official run so if you’ve been waiting to order make sure that you check back on Sunday. Anyone that misses this round of kits will likely be waiting about 4-6 weeks before we open up for regular sales. At that time we should also be able to offer a couple of kit varieties with a short lead, likely less than a week or two. So far we have managed to ship all of the Ultimate kits as well as the Ahead of the curve kits. This means that

Source Files Have Been Posted

We finally have shared all of our source material on our website. This has been a long time coming but we wanted to get the Ultimate Kits from the IndieGoGo campaign out the door first. Now that they have shipped we’ve put them all up for your perusal or use. They can be found here. This of course means that those who ordered the Ahead of the Curve kit can now get started printing their 3D parts! People who have also been waiting to build the kit on their own should have everything they need now. The parts list is up to date and the part files are the latest versions. We will do our very best to keep those files up to date with changes

First Builds Complete and Build Documentation is Live

Time for a weekend update. We have officially completed building and shipping all of the Ultimate kits. We have one kit that stayed behind for some special parts at a request, but otherwise we have moved on to the next stage. We will officially start working on the Ahead of the Curve kits tomorrow and should be shipping them by mid week. Documentation for the chassis of the mUVe 1 is complete and has been posted, here. Please take a look and leave us a bit of feedback. We have to go through and fix a good amount of grammatical errors still so please be patient these first few weeks as we sort those little things out. We would like to know how helpful the

Shipping Has Begun

The time has finally arrived, our first Ultimate kit has left the building! We appreciate all of you support so far and can’t wait to see what this next phase is going to bring us. As you all start receiving your kits keep in mind that we are still very early in the processes of creating documentation and ironing out all of the wrinkles for giving you support. If you have trouble at any time please use our Google Group to post your questions, there are links to it on almost every page on our site. Look for the “Need Help?” button. If you somehow ended up with broken or missing parts then please contact us directly at muve3d@gmail.com. What is coming up over the

Ultimate Kits Headed Out

We’re finally out of the starting gates folks! The first 2 IndieGoGo Ultimate kits have been setup for shipping and should leave on Wednesday at the latest. We are still waiting our custom size shipping boxes, they will arrive Tuesday, but once they come in we are ready to ship out! This week we will be prepping more kits and sending out emails to the international folks whose kits we’re building next so we can take care of the shipping costs. Once we make it through the Ultimate kits, likely by next weekend, we will get the “Ahead of the Curve” kits assembled and shipped. All that being said, we are actually AHEAD of schedule on the Full Kits. They weren’t going to start shipping until

mUVe 1 and Zheng3, Round 2

A few weeks ago Zheng3 posted on his forum of another model that his Replicator couldn’t print. The model is called the leaping rat, and it truly is a leap of a print. Here is the original article. The model is rather complex and fragile for the hobbyist level 3D printers we all have and love, but it turned out the mUVe 1 can print it without issue. I had to tweak the density setting after the first attempt because the hexagonal base didn’t turn out strong enough and was a bit brittle. I actually broke it while testing the strength. After turning density up to .5 in Slic3r, or 50%, the print turned out great. I will be printing more of Zheng3’s rats in the

Our New Workshop!

Hello everyone, it’s finally time that we shared some details on our work space that we acquired a couple weeks ago. We have about 1000 sq/ft and plenty of room to expand. Considering all of this was originally done in my office and garage, this is a huge step up. We have plenty of great natural light and are already set with several workstations churning out parts. We have areas to cut, grind, and epoxy glass. A place to cut and grind all the metal used in the kit, whether it be the threaded rods, build plates, etc. We have a huge workbench for building assemblies as well as a nice soldering station. Internet has been hooked up and the server rack was also relocated

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