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Updates and IndieGoGo Kit Information

Hello everyone, the weekend is fast approaching and it’s again time to share what we have been working on here at mUVe 3D. This week has been another particularly busy one. Last Friday we looked at a small work space but were quickly stopped when we found out that the local maker space is interested in working with us. If all goes well we will likely do a business co-op in a huge warehouse space that will provide mUVe 3D plenty of grow to grow as we need. More information on that is a couple weeks out, but we are really excited at the potential to be working with other area makers in a partially shared space. It would also mean the mUVe 3D would

Zheng3 vs mUVe 1

I have been speaking with Zheng3 lately and working on some great examples of ways the mUVe 1 really shines. As you can see in the images below we managed to print a very complex version of one of his Seej Bloxen. The model below is called Veronoi Bloxen and can be found on his site: http://zheng3.com/bloxen-voronoi/ forge.zheng3.com This is only the first part of the project we are working on and I hope to be able to show you some more extremely detailed prints very soon. We should also be able to show you comparison shots of the same model versus what the Replicator can produce. Click the image below to view the entire album.

The Software Page Has Been Updated

Tonight I wanted to take some time and get the software released on the website and get the source code up on GitHub. You can now download and run the GCode correction software as well as the firmware that I am using right now, I also included my Slic3r profile. There will likely be some minor changes before things are deemed final, but it is still at a point where I can safely share it. Screenshot Tomorrow I will be sharing some new prints that have some incredible detail and complexity. It is getting a bit late this evening to get it all done but keep checking back over the weekend and see what we’ve managed. We should also be receiving our new resins tomorrow,

A Little Bird

Wednesday’s are typically a very busy day for me as it’s the day I also visit the Grand Rapids area maker space and share my work with the locals and see the other projects that are going on. Because I likely won’t have time to post tomorrow I wanted to quickly get a couple photos up and let you all know that parts have started arriving in large quantity! First I would like to introduce my smallest print yet, this is a first try and without any additional tuning so expect that it could get better. The design is called “Bird in Cage Pendant” and it’s quite a tiny one. I cut out a couple of the bars so that it was easier to photograph.

Weekend Re-Cap

It’s been another productive weekend at mUVe 3D, our laser cutter arrived on Friday and we have been working on installing it as well as testing the MakerJuice Resin a bit. With the laser cutter weighing in around 350lbs it’s been quite hard to get things situated having only minimal help, but we managed to get the machine onto a large platform with casters and now can get around just fine. Having never setup a laser cutter before I was a bit apprehensive at just jumping in, especially because there aren’t really any instructions. That’s all in the past now though, the 220v circuit has been run, the laser tube installed and aligned, and initial tests completed. I cut a small box out of cardboard

The Laser Cutter Has Arrived

It’s been quite a long day and before I finally call it quits I wanted to share some images of the new laser cutter. This is the machine that will be used to prototype and cut the base, walls, and acrylic windows for your mUVe 1 cases. I’m sure we are going to find a lot more uses for it as well. For those wondering, we purchased out machine from LightObject.com and so far so good. I’m very happy with the build quality and the machine arrived with everything included. I thought I’d at least have to figure out ventilation but it has a fan and all the needed duct work included. I also purchased the machine with the power Z table so it should be

Status Update

Hello everyone, it’s been a few days since we’ve had an official post so I thought it would be a good time to fill you all in on what we have been working on. Josh of MakerJuice.com was nice enough to send me a couple of sample liters of his resin. I haven’t been able to get through enough test printing to post new print pictures yet, but I will say that it is definitely going well. He already has resin available and it’s properties are just spectacular. So far here is what I have observed: It’s very thin and will remove the need for the heated reservoir, that should give some room for other upgrades. I will get a consensus before making any definite

We’ve Reached Our Goal!

We did it! I have to give a massive thanks to all the folks who joined us on IndieGoGo and helped to make this dream live. Right now we are over 120% of our initial goal and we still have the whole day left! After things close up this evening we are going to hit the ground running. We have received a portion of the funds already so we will start ordering parts as early as tomorrow. Things are going to be moving very quickly here at mUVe 3D over the next couple months so make sure you check the site here, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ for all the details. All the corresponding links are on the bottom right corner of the page. The site

mUVe 1 Progress

Hello all, I just wanted to give some updates as to how things are going with the printer and the IndieGoGo campaign. First, the campaign is going wonderfully! I couldn’t be more excited to see the response out there. It makes all this work well worth it, thank you all! The campaign has about a week left and I’m sure there will be plenty more video and images to share before it’s done. Keep checking our site here, Facebook, Google+, and IndieGoGo for all the details. I will also be adding our contributors page very soon as well as a mUVe 1 3D Printer product page. A few more details for the final printer design: -Plastic 3D printed Idlers have been added to the belt system.

Getting Ready to GoGo

Hello all. I just wanted to give a update on the way things have been going and what we are working on. As it stands the printer is fully functional! We are using Teflon based tape as the reservoir coating and punched steel as the build platform. We ordered an 80W Professional laser cutter and two 3D printers to deal with the workload. We are mostly finished with the setup of, and are now getting ready to launch our IndieGoGo campaign. With your help we can have a successful launch of the mUVe 1 3D printer. I thank everyone that has helped along the way and given advice, it has been a really great experience. We should be going live with IndieGoGo this week and

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