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nanoDLP – Clearing the Way

Today we’re happy to announce the arrival of a custom version of the nanoDLP software for mUVe 3D DLP printers. All details can be found in our new documentation, just click the link from the support menu above. nanoDLP is a huge addition to the printer landscape as it finally allows for use of our DLP printers without the need to be tethered to a PC. Baked inside are a ton of advanced features as well as support for a plethora of 3D printer designs and electronic setups. We’ve been working with the folks from nanoDLP for the better part of a month now on making a reliable and easy to use solution that will surely be a welcome replacement to running desktop software. nanoDLP runs on

Creation Workshop Slicing Profiles

We’re sharing our latest slicing profiles for Creation Workshop. They are nearly the same as what is put in the documentation for the DLP system, but if you extract these files and drop them into the “Profiles” folder of Creation Workshop then it will save you the time of having to enter anything manually. Included are profiles for .1mm layer height for both the 1280×800 and 1920×1080 projectors.

Beta Firmware is Live!

It has finally arrived, the beta of our new firmware with proper laser pulsing control and LCD controls. This firmware has been a long time in the making and is something we’ve wanted for you all since the very beginning. We’ve now gotten almost all the problems worked out and now it’s time to release it so you all can give us some much needed feedback. We’ll be posting some images of new prints in the next few days now that we finally have the time to use our printers for something other than firmware development :)

New Version of Autodesk Meshmixer

An update to Autodesk was released this week and the new tools that were added are sure to be helpful to everyone with a 3D printer. Not only can you generate support and mesh models together like before, but you can now also repair models as well as make them solid or hollow. The capability to repair your broken models and the ability to generate intelligent support should remove any barriers to printing even the most difficult models. Take a look at the video below: Also of use to some are the tutorials that are provided at the main Meshmixer website: Meshmixer Tutorials Download Meshmixer Here

Updated: Highly Improved Firmware in Alpha

Today is a very good day for mUVe 3D and the open-source community. We’ve been working with Tim Schmidt and the Lansing Makers Network on building laser control into the Marlin firmware. This is an addition that allows for the use of pulsed lasers in addition to the standard FFF elements. We are still in the testing stages and there are bugs to fix and features to add, but it has been running stable enough that we can now share it with you. With any luck we will be able to roll these changes into the standard Marlin firmware and we will no longer have to maintain a separate repository for the main running firmware, only our development branches. So please read about the additions below and get to testing and let us know what you think the Google Group.

New Beta and Alpha Firmware Plus Versioning on Git

Today we are releasing two new firmwares for your testing, we are also re-organizing the way that we store our firmware of Github. As of today you will find that the firmware has been broken into 3 categories, running, beta, and alpha. Running firmware is the current tested and stable firmware, the beta firmware is new and considered stable but needs testing, and the alpha is generally unstable and still needs work and testing, and it probably isn’t documented other than in the comments. The current firmware can be found in the running firmware repository.

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