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Universal Software/Updated Documentation

New Items in the Store! New to the store this week are 150mW and 50mW lasers, coming next week is QSil 216 dispensed into individual use bottles. Mixing and using Silicone Elastomer kits for reservoir coatings will be so much easier! Clarity of QSil 216 is much higher than FEP, but it is more expensive and doesn’t last as long. Thankfully the price is easily ignored when you see how the exceptional non-stick surface it creates is and see how easy it is to apply! Software and Documentation It has again been a busy few weeks for us here at mUVe 3D. There is always a ton on the horizon and always something new and exciting coming up. Today we are pleased to share some

BIG Firmware Release and Updated Documentation

Hello everyone, we’re back in town and back at work. Thank you to everyone who was patient while Nichole and I were away. We’re now married and the mUVe 3D family is growing, we can’t thank you enough for all your support. We wouldn’t be here without you all! This is truly a wonderful community and we’re happy to work hard at moving it forward every single day. Today we have some great news to share, our beta firmware has been running smoothly for several weeks and we can call it final. So get out there and install it right away! We also updated all the documentation to reflect the new firmware and the lack of bugs. No more worries about resetting the machine before

mUVe 1 Firmware – New Beta

It has only been a couple days since we decided to get serious about fixing our firmware bugs and eliminating the GCode Fix software so that all processing takes place right inside the firmware. We’re please to announce that we already have a working beta and it’s shaping up to be a huge improvement. We really recommend you take a look at this one asap! Improvements: •No more issues having to reset the machine before homing. Homing the machine always works. •No more custom buttons for Z axis control, you can just any printer host software and the Z job buttons will control the machine properly! •All erroneous laser on pauses have been removed, prints should be of higher quality with less artifacts. •No more

Easy Support Generation For Your Models – Meshmixer by AutoDesk

There are only so many ways to generate support material for complex models, so it’s a real treat when something easy to use and free comes into the arena. Today we want to share with you a new piece of software from AutoDesk that allows you to easily generate support material for any of your models. Meshmixer is a new and very easy to use model manipulation software. One of the other neat features other than automatic support generation is the ability to easily attach pretty much any model to another model, so now you can easily create that frankenbunny you always wanted to. We think you’ll agree it’s another tool worth keeping around, so get to it and download Meshmixer. It’s time to start

mUVe 3D GCode Fix – Update Version 0.6.6

There has been an update release for the mUVe 3D GCode correction tool. It is available for download here and on our software page. The current version fixes an issue where the first Z lift layer was being skipped. Instead of printing the first layer at the first layer height, the print would start at a Z height of 0. Then the first layer change would do the peel move as normal and then move to the height of the second layer. In most cases the layers are .1mm so the print would move from 0 for the first layer to .2mm for the second layer. This probably wasn’t causing too much of an issue but could be causing some parts to break away from the

mUVe 3D GCode Fix v0.6.5

We have fixed the latest bugs in our software and everything is testing out just fine. Please download the latest version as soon as possible. Continuing to use the old version of the software could damage your machine if you don’t make the appropriate fixes to the GCode. We appreciate your patience over the past couple days while we’ve worked through the issues and tested the changes. You can download the files from the software page or by using the link below. [button link=”http://www.muve3d.net/downloads/mUVe%203D%20GCode%20Fix.exe” style=”download” window=”yes”]mUVe 3D GCode Fix v0.6.5[/button]

mUVe 3D GCode Fix Software Bug – Important

Anyone currently using the mUVe 1 printer and the mUVe 3D GCode fix program should read this post. Currently there is a potentially machine damaging bug in the software and we are working as quickly as we can to fix it. We hope to have something out to you all within 48 hours. The bug is rather simple to explain. At the end of the GCode file there is some end code that is used to wrap things up with printing and park the machine. For some reason our software isn’t just taking that code as is from Slic3r and appending it to the file. It actually processes the lines and then causes a major issue. Depending on how large your part is, it will

mUVe 3D GCode Fix Software Update v0.6

The GCode correction software for the mUVe 1 printer has been updated. It can be found on the software page as well as GitHub. This update addresses an issue that recently started popping up in the recent releases of Slic3r. Currently there seems to be little consistency to how Slic3r addresses the Z layer change and it will randomly insert the feed rate on the same line throughout the code. Because of this the mUVe 3D GCode Fixing software was unable to properly address the data in those lines of code. The update allows our software to handle those inconsistencies so it won’t matter moving forward.

mUVe 1 CGode Fix Bug Found

So I’ve found the first bug in the software and it’s caused by an inconsistency in Slic3r. For some reason Slic3r doesn’t always send the feed rate when sending a command to move the Z axis. Because of this, the math isn’t actually being calculated in the mUVe 1 GCode Fix software for Z in these lines and the Z axis never moves up. It has to do with the way the information is read out of the lines and the case statement that takes place just prior to the Z axis case statement. What is odd is how inconsistent Slic3r has become when relating to the Z axis move. It seems to start and stop throughout the GCode. It’s quite disappointing to find to

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