Our New Workshop!

Hello everyone, it’s finally time that we shared some details on our work space that we acquired a couple weeks ago. We have about 1000 sq/ft and plenty of room to expand. Considering all of this was originally done in my office and garage, this is a huge step up. We have plenty of great

We’re Back Up!

The site was down for about 24 hours while some upgrades were taking place. The whole process was a bit unplanned and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have cause anyone. This are running a bit faster now and we can actually work on the site to make it more efficient so please bear

Moving Quickly

Hello everyone, It’s been a bit too long since I’ve last been online and posted a status update. It’s definitely not due to any idle time here at the shop. In the last week a lot has taken place and there are going to be a lot of details and updates coming in the next

Laser Kits Out

As of today we have shipped all of the IndieGoGo campaign laser kits. So we are right on track as things continue to progress at great speed, the next thing on the list are the Ultimate Kits! We are still waiting on several parts and need to get to work on fabricating a couple more


Things are moving along very quickly at this point so it’s definitely time to share some of what we’ve been working on the past few days. First, The T-Shirts have been sent as well as a couple of the laser kits, look to the documentation page for build instructions. I am still working on contacting

The UV “Oven”

We managed to upload a lot of pictures today but will have to wait until tomorrow or Monday to put up a proper post about them. We also managed to finalize the UV Oven and get some pictures take of it. The Oven case material is the same 5mm plywood that is used on the

First Perks Shipped

Today we shipped the first of our perks from the IndieGoGo campaign. All of our stickers and T-Shirts arrived and we took some time to ship out some of them. If you were one of the folks that contributed at the $10 level you will be receiving some stickers very soon. International orders may take

Too Much To Cover

I haven’t been too vocal the past few days as it has been very busy here and some very important preparations have been getting handled. I will have to post several times over the next couple days in order to keep the post sizes to a minimum, and so I’m not covering too many topics

Chasing Gremlins

It’s been a rather tiring day so I am going to finally call it quits after I give this status update. Today was supposed to be the day that we tested new motors, hopefully the final motor for the kit, but ran into a really odd problem. Our motor supplier, who I have used for

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