mUVe 1 Case Complete

It’s finally time for the big reveal! It took a bit longer than expected today but it’s finally complete. Please take a look over everything and definitely leave us some feedback. mUVe 1 in its case ready to print!   Due to a problems on one of my older RAMPS boards I was unable to

Zheng3 vs mUVe 1

I have been speaking with Zheng3 lately and working on some great examples of ways the mUVe 1 really shines. As you can see in the images below we managed to print a very complex version of one of his Seej Bloxen. The model below is called Veronoi Bloxen and can be found on his site:

A Little Bird

Wednesday’s are typically a very busy day for me as it’s the day I also visit the Grand Rapids area maker space and share my work with the locals and see the other projects that are going on. Because I likely won’t have time to post tomorrow I wanted to quickly get a couple photos

Weekend Re-Cap

It’s been another productive weekend at mUVe 3D, our laser cutter arrived on Friday and we have been working on installing it as well as testing the MakerJuice Resin a bit. With the laser cutter weighing in around 350lbs it’s been quite hard to get things situated having only minimal help, but we managed to

Status Update

Hello everyone, it’s been a few days since we’ve had an official post so I thought it would be a good time to fill you all in on what we have been working on. Josh of was nice enough to send me a couple of sample liters of his resin. I haven’t been able

mUVe 1 Progress

Hello all, I just wanted to give some updates as to how things are going with the printer and the IndieGoGo campaign. First, the campaign is going wonderfully! I couldn’t be more excited to see the response out there. It makes all this work well worth it, thank you all! The campaign has about a week

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