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Linear Slide mUVe 1 DLP Z Axis

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-Adjustable expanded build area, ~230mm X, 300+mm Y, 250+mm Z. Z axis may get larger through reconfiguration.

-Removes all 3D Printed parts from your printer aside from the build plate mount. Which we’ll convert to all metal as soon as we can.

-Custom Aluminum pillow block pivot for tilting. Using  high performance, close tolerance Igus brand polymer as a bearing.

-Rock solid, steel linear sliders for both sides of the Z axis. 12mm rails with metal carriage and steel ball bearings.

-Nut mounts for the leadscrew are modular and allow use of either our upcoming leadscrew/nut combo, or the older M8x1.25 with brass nut setup.

-Reservoir mount/Z axis uprights, completely adjustable . Use a petri dish for a reservoir if you wish :)

-Reservoir mount has infinite vertical adjustment.

-Easy to tighten thumbscrew based reservoir clips.

*leadscrews coming soon as a separate upgrade. Our new system will allow mounting of any leadscrew nut that has a flange so custom setups should be easy. The only required part will be the laser-cut nut mount. But we’ll be offering the source files soon, so if you have leadscrews you want to use and have access to a cutter it should be easy to make them.*