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mUVe 1 3D Printer Classic

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From: $599.00

Easier to use and calibrate, less expensive to run, and less maintenance!

  • No extruder heater cores to burn out or extruder insulators that melt and are irreparable. Only a long lasting laser diode, and they can easily be replaced!
  • No fans to cool sagging extruded plastic during your prints or keep extruder parts from melting. Just 1 fan to cool the motor drivers.
  • No tedious Z-axis leveling process. The glass reservoir is flat and the frame is very square.
  • Because of the upside-down approach to printing there is much less restriction for overhangs and high sloping angles on your parts.
  • The adjustable size of the laser allows changing laser point size. No more buying extruder nozzles to change extrusion or filament size, just adjust the iris, measure the output and go!

Still need more reason to buy the mUVe 1?

  • Standard Open Source Tool-Chain – 3D Model ->Repetier Host ->3D Printed Object.
  • Make your own resin colors or use pre-mixed and colored resins! Finally you can make the exact color you need. Pigments and resins available at
  • It’s Fast. Printing hi-resoultion takes a long time so we move at up to 600mm/s with 4000mm/s+ acceleration rates. That is about 5 times faster than most current top of the line FFF printers. Current average speed with MakerJuice Resin is about 300mm/s.
  • Replacement Parts are Easily Sourced and are Inexpensive.
  • No part costs more than $25 to make or replace, other than the reservoir at around $50 pre-assembled with non-stick surface. The Iris Diaphragm is a bit over $40 but is still considered optional, yet highly recommended. The 1/4″ glass should last indefinitely, the non-stick coat can be replaced for $4-8 depending on your choice.
  • Using 8mm linear motion means there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of suppliers for parts worldwide.
  • MicroRax is highly popular and established and can support a large audience. It is also very inexpensive and parts can be purchased individually so there’s no need to buy more than you need to replace.

*Kits require assembly, pre-sale kit orders are final.*

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