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mUVe 1 Aluminum Case Kit

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From: $385.00

The new stronger case means you can move your printer around and travel with relative ease, and without worry of damage. Bring your machine along and it’ll still be calibrated when you get there.


The LCD based controller features a jog dial and buttons to allow for printer setup and starting of prints as well as a tiny piezo. While printing it shows information about the laser as well as status of the print and location of each axis. You can even speed up and slow down printing on the fly, make changes to core parameters such as acceleration and steps per mm, test fire the laser, or move any axis. It also features a full sized SD Card slot so you can print completely detached from a PC.


One of our favorite features is the addition of a power switch, this will allow you to test and setup your printer with relative ease. No longer will you have to keep you hand on the power cord ready to unplug, just flip the switch if something goes wrong.


Possibly the best change, is the ease at which you will be able to work on your machine. Once it is connected to the case you simple need remove any side panel with the 4 attachment screws to access the internals. You can even flip the machine upside-down!