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mUVe 1 Reservoir Kit – Glass Only

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This kit includes all the glass required to make your own mUVe 1 reservoir. It is a much cheaper option than buying the pre-built one and isn’t all that difficult to accomplish. We guarantee the glass to be intact when it arrives, if it is not we will keep sending them to you until we get it right. The composition is 1/4″ Low-Iron Soda Lime Glass. Sharp edges are ground smooth so it’s not so rough to the hands, though you should still wear gloves when handling. Epoxy the reservoir together with Loctite marine grade epoxy.

1 each – mUVe 1 Glass Reservoir Bottom 8 5/8″ X 7 1/2″

2 each – Sides 8 5/8″ X 1 1/4″

2 each – Sides 7′ X 1 1/4″