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mUVe 3D DLP Pro 4K

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  • DLP Pro+ 4K Pre-Assembled 3D Printers and Kits
The DLP Pro and Pro+ are a brand new addition to our DLP 3D Printer lineup. They feature full metal construction with parts made right here in the U.S.A. With the new chassis you’ll find ease-of-use features around every corner. Not only is the entire construction super simple, it’s already built for you! You’ll just be attaching the legs, projector mount and projector. Everything else has already been done for you in addition to getting a preloaded Raspberry Pi 3 with nanoDLP. We even have a simplified calibration routine and UPnP network support to make setup woes a thing of the past. You’ll be printing in less than an hour!
  • Chassis

    The all Aluminum chassis has fewer parts and is stronger and lighter than ever. We work with companies right here in the U.S. and source everything that we can local. These printers are built by hand here in our workshop and each unit is tested before being sent on to you. When you receive this printer, getting setup will be easier than ever. Nothing mechanical needs to be calibrated, and we made it as easy as possible to attach the final components. We even built in some lifting handles!

    -All Metal Construction

    -Adjustable Projection Positions

    -Easy View UV Blocking Door

  • Electronics

    We have open source firmware to match our hardware. The electronics we use are still RAMPS 1.3 compatible and are the most popular design used today, even the newer single board controllers are still RAMPS compatible. Add-ons and advanced control of external electronic devices are all but a few wires away. We even include a shutter assembly! With this printer you’ll be getting a Raspberry Pi 3, setup software is as simple as plugging it into into your local PC network and discovering it using UPnP.

    With this pre-assembled DLP 3D printer you’ll be getting it all!

    DLP Pro+ 4K Includes 3840×2160 Projector


  • Specs

    -Build Area 175mm x 98.5mm x 250mm Z max with included reservoir and build plate. X/Y and Z resolution fully adjustable to your needs.

    -X/Y Resolution Adjustable ~15micron-45micron

    -3840 x 2160 Pixel Optoma UHD60 modified projector included.

    -Raspberry Pi 3 with nanoDLP setup for 4K and TouchScreen included, easy calibration and sample printing profiles.

    -120-240VAC 50-60Hz approx 300W power consumption, US Power Cord Supplied.

    -Large FlexVat and Build Plate not supported, try the DLP ULTIPro+ 4K Instead! Large Build Plate size 190mm x 270mm.


  • Included Supplies

    Both Printers Feature:

    -500mL MakerJuice Resin

    -Part Scraping Spatula for Removing Printed Parts

    -Part Rinsing Container

    -System Wiring, HDMI included

    -Adjustment Wrenches

The best things in life don’t cost a thing! Use nanoDLP to control your DLP printer without the need for a second monitor output on your home computer. It’s the ultimate way to keep your PC from turning into the dreaded dedicated 3D printer controller. You can use the feature rich nanoDLP to control any of our available DLP printers!

-Mask Support



-Dynamic Print Speed

-Blackout During Prints

-STL, SVG, SLC, and PNG Support

-Custom Buttons

-Easy Upgrades

-UPnP Network Discovery

-Even a Cloud Dashboard to remotely monitor your printers!

Since our printers use standard electronics we have minimal restrictions on software usage. You can use nanoDLP on a Raspberry Pi 3 as a free way to run your printer, or even Creation Workshop if you want it connected directly to your PC. With so many options, you’ll have a ton of capability just a fingertip away.

Our DLP printers support a massive array of 3D printing resins. If you find a resin that says it’s DLP printing compatible, chances are it’ll print on our printers. We supply 500mL of premium MakerJuice resin with each printer. This resin is stiff but flexible enough to allow for snap-fit plastic parts and is really a good choice for any 3D printed parts you might have. If you for some reason find it’s not a good fit you should head over to and check out their selection. Or you can check out some of the other resins in our store. Materials come in a huge range of offerings from rigid to flexible, castable and biocompatible, opaque to translucent, even clear. You’re sure to find exactly what you need.

With a dedicated support forum and direct email support, you’ll never be far from a helping hand. Our growing community is full of friendly helpful people, and we’re always there to help too! You’ll never find yourself stuck in a place we can’t help you get out of. It’s just part of what we do.