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We’re often asked what the best projector to use with our printers is, and often that’s a difficult question to answer. For the most part you’ll want to stick to the ViewSonic projector models that we list on the pages where we sell the printers. Those projectors have been tested to work out of the box and should pose no issue for the use of 3D printing.

Moving forward, as we get positive test results for other models we’ll continue to add them here. Below you’ll find the projector listed, as well as a readout from our spectrometer. You can use this to determine if the resins you’ll be using can be cured by the unit.

ViewSonic 1920×1080 PJD7820HD Projector Spectrum Output *Approximate*

ViewSonic 1280×800 PJD5533W Projector Spectrum Output *Approximate*